China’s Tale I: Lín Jiàn (林 践 )

Ancient Chinese History: The Tale of Lín Jiàn (林 践 )

Lin, 林 (Lim), was the name given to the son of  Bǐ Gān,  比干, (son of  King Wén Dīng, 文丁,  Zi , 子 lineage), thus member of the royal house and he (Bǐ Gān) was the uncle of the last Shāng (商) king, Zhòu Xīn  (紂王).

King Zhòu Xīn was a cruel ruler and to avoid certain death Bǐ Gān’s son had  to be born in secret, in the forest, hence the name 林, depicting ‘forest’ in Chinese. “Jiàn” was later added when he was restored , with his mother, into the royal family by the new king, Zhōu Wǔ Wáng (周武王) of the new dynasty (Zhōu) that replaced the Shāng dynasty.

More on the name, Lín, 林 

Lin (Surname),  Lim: Origin of Surname, Origin of Lin, Lim, Lam, Lum


比干 Bǐ​ Gān,
Ancestor of the Lín Clan


Places to visit:

Bǐ​ Gān Temple  & Tomb

Bǐ​ Gān Temple & Tomb, Wèi​huī county , Xīn​xiāng, Hé​nán Province. (Map)

The temple  has a tombstone  with engraving of four Chinese characters which were deemed to be the authentic work of calligraphy by Confucius, ancient Chinese philosopher and teacher (551-479 BC)

Click the Bǐ​ Gān Trust  for more information and pictures

China’s Provinces

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