DAP: Sabah left out of China’s Obor initiative

Maritime Silk Road, Economic Belt

Sabah DAP secretary Chan Foong Hin says leaving Sabah out of the One Belt, One Road multi-billion ringgit investment drive shows the imbalance in regional development across the South China Sea.

Source: DAP: Sabah left out of China’s Obor initiative | Free Malaysia Today



PAN-Borneo AH15

The China’s OBOR can stretch to Sabah via Brunei. Singapore to Brunei by ferry – this would take slightly over half a day (15 hrs), then the PAN-Borneo Highway (AH150) all the way, travelling north, to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Incat Tasmania’s high speed dual-fuel vehicle and passenger ferries can go up to 58.1 knots so it will take less than a day to travel the 864 nautical miles between Singapore and Brunei.

Incat Tasmania’s ‘Francisco’

These ferries will have on board duty free shop, bars, cafeteria and entertainment.

The Malaysian, Indonesian and Brunei governments should also consider building a HSR* network round Borneo, or at least 3-lane highways, each side.

*HSR – High Speed Railway



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