Join me for a bus ride, anyone? @Pan Borneo Highway, AH150

The Asian Highway 150 (AH150) passes right by by my doorstep

More about the AH150.

Travel the Pan Borneo Highway by buses. From The Bus Station in Tawau, Sabah in the north to Sematan Bus Stand in Sarawak, in the south; passing through Brunei.

Tawau Bus Station
Keningau Express Bus Station
Inanam Bus Terminal (KK North)
City Park Bus Station
Sipitang Express Bus Station
Lawas Bus Station
Limbang Bus Station
Miri long-distance bus station
Miri City Bus Terminal
Bintulu Express Bus Terminal
Bintulu Local Bus Terminal
Sibu Long distance Bus Terminal
Sibu Short distance bus terminal
Sarikei Long Distance Bus Terminal
Sarikei Short Distance Bus Terminal
Sri Aman Bus Station
Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal
Kuching STC Bus Station
Sematan Bus Stand

Source: Pan Borneo Highway

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