Update, Afrian Scam: ‘Exotic beauty from Papar, Sabah’

'Exotic beauty from Papar, Sabah, Malaysia'

‘Exotic beauty from Papar, Sabah, Malaysia’

Zehra Sharmili Hashim: Click for Facebook Profile

This one is trying to be more convincing, with timeline photos. Obviously stolen from  someone’s social network pages. The baiting game continues.

Conversation started on 20 November 2012 15:14 :

Zehra Sharmili Hashim: Hello, I am Zehra Sharmili Hashim, can we become good friends

Monday 10:31

Me: Of course, you may and my apologies for the late reply. I only saw this mail. Long story. Regards. Mahathir

Tuesday 09:4 Zehra Sharmili Hashim

I browsed through the face book and found you. I am mixed Malaysian ,I was born in London, my father is a Malaysian and my mother is from England both late any way. I think I like you for a new friend.

I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend. Meeting new people around the globe enlighten you and to understand what is really going on around you and outside your geographical zone.

Well I had my first degree in London School of Economics, am currently leaving in Malaysia. I am into Industrial stock capital Markets Services for corporate Investors. I work as a Stock Agent corporate Investors for RHB Investment Management Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

I like reading and watching football. I also like to meet new people to get to become more enlighten.

Still single but hoping to meet the right person for me Lol………..

What about you?

Where are you from? What do you do? What do you like?

I don’t know if you would like us to become friend and write each other.

Sorry if am asking too much.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Tuesday 14:38

Me Sure, we can be friends. What year were you born in, if you do not mind me asking? Are you working and living in KL? As you may have read from my profile, my wife passed away 6 years ago and have been single since, though I am am seriously thinking of getting hitched again.

I work and live in Brunei. I have a financial/legal background and in the later part of my career into ICT skills training. I have lived abroad including the UK and understandably I am an ardent supporter of Arsenal FC .

Please reply to my lyeseng@msn.com and it would be lovely if we could chat online. Would you be free later this evening?

Wednesday 09:32

Zehra Sharmili Hashim Thanks for your effort and communications we really have to get to know each other better? I work and Leave in KL but am thinking of Living Malaysia to start are fresh.I lost my parents 3 years ago.

How are things generally in Brunei? I love this country I really like to stay there.

I love Brunei. I have been thinking of settling down there.But I really don’t know much about the country.

What kind of Lucrative Business can somebody invest if there is enough capital to invest on?

I will like you to tell me little I need to know about the Economy of your country?

Can a foreigner settle down without much stress?

I would be grateful to have someone very close to help me settle in if you can decide to help me?

If you can tell me little I need to know about the economy and on my part make some inquiry, if is ok I can really come and settle there?
At this moment my priority is finding a good country and getting a friend from the country.

Hope am not asking much my dear

I await your reply.

Take care of yourself.


Me I would rather you write to me at lyeseng@msn.com

Today 05:53

Me Let’s video chat

Today 11:25

Zehra Sharmili Hashim How you mean.


Me Well, charting online with video, or video call at MSN. Write to me there and I shall add you and we can video chat/call using MSN Messenger.

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