My Three Most desired Women, JA, AH and Ms Misteri, Brunei

Jennifer Anniston, according to sources,  thinks it was a “mistake” to get her tresses trimmed off.
An insider explained: “Jen feels the new cut was a mistake. She was promised by her stylist that the new cut would make her look younger, but she thinks it’s had the opposite effect.
“She’s always had issues with her nose. She thought she’d come to terms with its shape, butwithout her long hair, she thinks it looks too big for her face again. She thinks it makes her face look rounder, and she hates that. He hair was really a major security blanket.
“She feels her new bob has zapped her sexiness and makes her look older.”
Aniston, who is romantically linked to Bradley Cooper, recently joked that she and George Clooney should get married because they are Hollywood’s most famous singletons.
Amanda Holden now feels like ”the boss” on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ following the departure of former judges Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan.
The 40-year-old star – who has been joined by Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff on the new series of the ITV1 show – admitted since the departure of music mogul Simon Cowell, she feels in charge of the judging panel.
She joked: “Michael did ask me for lots of advice and turns to me a lot, so I did feel like the boss, which I liked!”I am Simon Cowell. I’m like, ‘I am God, stop the music, it’s down to me!'”
With the 51-year-old star returning for the live finals of the competition, Amanda hopes he will make a grand entrance by descending from the ceiling on a cloud.
She added to OK! magazine: “Simon won’t like the fact he’s not mssed. He will return for part of the live finals. I’d love him to come down from the ceiling on a cloud, wearing a toga and showing off his macho chest. That would be a good way for him to return!
“Hopefully he’ll be draping himself over me again, because I’ve missed the flirting!”
….. and now for Ms. Misteri
Miss Mistery, Brunei highlighted that among the critical issues brought up during the meeting was that Brunei has to be aggressive in its development of SMEs.
“These are difficult times regionally and the people of Brunei need to prepare themselves for the next wave that comes through.
“This will actually allow us to take opportunities of coming out of a crisis,” she said.
According yo Miss Mystery. Brunei needs to take a look at the programmes that are in place and see if it meets the requirements of the businesses. “If it doesn’t, it will be important to improve on it and try to focus on how to accelerate and not wait for the next two years to see some results.
“We need to see results in the next three to six months to see how we can actually support our SMEs,” she said.
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