Beatles or Cherly nearly did Cher in?

Cher’s presentation was uncharacteristically off key. There were many Beatles songs ( I grew up on them) that Cherly could have chosen for her, one that suited her vocals, like in “Stay”. Instead she chose “Imagine” and plus the ‘staircase to nowhere’ nearly did her in. Louis Walsh saved her day and it is unclear if she would have been in the bottom had it gone to deadlocked.

Love or hate her, that Wagner sailed through must have been a slapped in the face of the producers and the show is quickly degenerating into a farce. Pooped up Wagner (pronounced VAGNER, as he liked to remind us), with his ridiculous vocals and foul mouth is having the last laugh! Banking in wads of cash next year.

To think that he is in the last seven, may even be in the final 5, then earn 100,000 quid from the X- Factor 2010 tour next year is repulsive. Hope the fans will boycott the tour, save the money and donate to the Heroes fund. Fuck this year’s x=Factor.

YouTube – Cher Lloyd sings Stay for survival – The X Factor Live results 7 (Full Version).

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