Something strange happened to me recently. Illusion or dream….

I often lament that love is an illusion and if a dream, at least it has a better chance of becoming reality. I am sharing a piece from  someone who wrote on the same subject.

Love Is An Illusion? « Struggling with Meaninglessness.

Many years ago, i’d observed that older couples are less loving towards each other compared to younger couples. Naturally, i asked myself .. why so? I could have settled for a simpler answer like – the feeling has faded or they no longer love each other or whatsoever. However, i refused to. I remembered myself absurdly asking my female friends about this (to get some female perspectives) during our casual conversations. But i wasn’t satisfied with the answers… and soon, i gave up. It was only in recent years, i finally found the answer for this old little puzzle of mine. And i have to thank Mr. Arthur Schopenhauer for this.

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