Capital Punishment: Not ‘wrong’, Nazir but vigorous safeguards needed

Capital punishment is not wrong in islamic based legal systems and the law of evidence, if applied vigorously and equitably, will prevent any miscarriage of justice. In Islam, it is applicable to two types of offences:

  • Intentional murder (punishment is compoundable)
  • Fasad fil-ardh (“spreading mischief in the land”)*

*treason, terrorism, piracy, rape, adultery, homosexuality

Click for capital punishment in Islam in a nutshell

Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department

Nazri says ‘wrong’ to use death penalty – Malaysiakini

A senior Malaysian minister Sunday reportedly urged the government to abolish the death penalty amid outrage from rights groups.

The call came amid a debate over executions – carried out in Malaysia by hanging – after Kuala Lumpur last month sought clemency from Singapore for a young Malaysian drug trafficker who is facing the gallows in the city-state.

via Nazri says ‘wrong’ to use death penalty – Malaysiakini.

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