ELES and YPI, ICDL Indonesia pens MoU

Mahathir and Agung exchanging MoUs after signing

Marking yet another milestone in BITEX’s history, ELES Academy, its subsidiary, gained a foothold in the Indonesian market when it signed an MoU with  Yayasan Pendidekan Indoneisa (YPI), the International Computer Driving License’s Licensee for Indonesia.  The event took place yesterday, 9th August, 2010,  at the Rajawali Room 2,  Ambhara Hotel, South jakarta.  Mohd Mahathir Abdullah, CEO of BITEX and Agung Sidayu, CEO of YPI, signed on behalf of each companies. Bitex is the ICDL Licensee for Brunei.

The MoU underlined both ICDL licensees of each country to work together to disseminate ICT knowledge and provide training in ICT from literacy to competency to advanced computer skills. ICDL is in over 148 countries.
As part of the ICDL group worldwide, both companies subscribe to the notions of helping bridging the digital divide and at the same time provide excellent training and certification programs.

One of the first projects both companies will jointly undertake is the development of the computer skills courseware,and the e-portal to deliver the courseware, taking into account the new ICDL syllabus 5, that will replace the previous version from November this year. The courseware will initially be for both countries but there are plans to export elsewhere, including Timor Leste who was represented at the ceremony by its Education Attache,  Mr. Paulino Henrique Riberto.

Mahathir and Agung poses with representatives from the public and private sector

In addition to providing development support, including translating the courseware to Bahasa Indonesia, YPI will also appoint ELES Academy to represent ICDL Indonesia in the regions of Jakarta, Yogyarkata, Balikpapan and Aceh and to faciliate export of the ELES courseware to Indonesia. In Aceh, ELES will be installed in more than 180 secondary schools servicing over 5400 students annually.

This new initiative by Bitex will bring career and business opportunities for Bruneians and local ICT software developers. The project will be launched in Bandar Seri Begawan on the 7th September, followed by a 2 and 1/2 day workshop for the project team members.

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