Capello’s Index: England’s Pussies are Overrated in their Own Country

Well, this confirmed it all. They are just a bunch of overrated pussies who are easily outplayed by the Sunday pub team. They whined about the pre-match strict regime; blamed everyone but themselves.  Players like the Pit Bull Terrier (Rooney), John Terry, Lampard, so-called senior players should be lined up before the nation and made to apologise, then shipped off to boot camp and train like the street kids of Brazil, Argentina who played bare footed on the mean streets. That is why these countries produced the world’s best players. The are not pampered like those pussy foots who call themselves football players.


ROBERT GREEN (1 game): Average rating: 51.67.
DAVID JAMES (3 games): 59.28.
GLEN JOHNSON (4 games): 57.18.
JOHN TERRY (4 games): 60.48.
LEDLEY KING (1 game): 57.50.
JAMIE CARRAGHER (2 games): 59.04.
MATTHEW UPSON (2 games): 60.21.
ASHLEY COLE (5 games): 59.58.
AARON LENNON (2 games): 57.64.
FRANK LAMPARD (4 games): 58.58.
STEVEN GERRARD (4 games): 60.98.
JAMES MILNER (4 games). 59.40.
GARETH BARRY (3 games): 57.50.
SHAUN WRIGHT-PHILLIPS (3 games): 61.09.
JOE COLE (2 games): 55.45. WAYNE
ROONEY (4 games): 58.87. EMILE
HESKEY (4 games): 60.15. JERMAIN
DEFOE (3 games): 62.47. PETER
CROUCH (2 games): No mark.

via Fabio left red-faced by Capello Index: England boss demands removal of player ratings | Mail Online.

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