What is in store for me and other Geminis

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Easy come, easy go” works for you, especially when the Solar Eclipse hits your 2nd House of Income and Spending. A surprise is forming within your personal finances, and you must accept the change. You tend to overanalyze your monetary decisions, so empower yourself during this eclipse by making a leap toward earning a fatter paycheck — or by trusting your wisdom, holding your breath and making a major purchase you can truly afford.

via July 11 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer Horoscopes | Tarot.com.

Now, the love part for me:

Your spontaneity mixes well with your fancy woman, making a lighthearted and congenial couple. You both usually choose to experience the brighter side of life. Together you contribute your share of delightfulness to the world around you.

Communication is very important to you and, in many ways you actually express your love through ideas and the words used to share them. Your lover, on the other hand, is less inclined to intellectualism and is more tactile and immediate. She expresses devotion and love through their willingness to participate and promote pioneering projects with their loved one. Your partner will need some independence and your comings and goings should provide them with enough so they don’t feel too constrained by the demands of the relationship.

Will this one last? It’s hard to tell, but one thing is certain. You’re going to have to make things feel new and exciting for your partner to hold interest. If your love planet, Venus, is in the right place, then this won’t be a problem. You’ll be exciting without even trying.

Ho hum

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